Pour Into Me

Pour Into Me

Reciprocate your optimist words and mean them. Feed me positive energy. Tell me I’m good enough from time to time. Uplift me when necessary. Don’t feed the ego, I am not asking for that. I am looking for encouragement, your motivation, your authentic and genuine truth. I don’t want your support, I NEED your support. Help me to face the fears and remind me that you have my back and neither you nor God will let me down. Pour into me. Don’t ever kick me when I am down. Hold out your hand and pull me up when I am falling. Block out the negativity. Water me. Plant me. Clap for me when my flowers begin to bloom. Send me a book to read, a quote you felt was right for me, scripture of God’s faith. Tell me my dreams are obtainable and that my ambition is not too high.

Pour Into Me

Don’t show any signs of competition, jealousy, hatred, or fake applause. Be my biggest fan. Show me a different perspective. A different strategy. Teach me something new. When you’re done talking, listen to me. And don’t half ass or have a short answer or solution. Really help me plan, plot, prepare, and prosper. Tell me something real. Point out my flaws but tell me how I can do better or be better. Or tell me how my flaws are my greatest strength. And if you don’t have it in you, the words that is, then show up. Be there. Your actions hold a lot of weight. I need your spiritual, mental, and physical support. I need your mind, your kind words, your energy, your love. As my family member, my significant other, as my friend.

Pour Into Me, As I Pour Into You

Energy is everything and Support systems are very impactful. Check your surroundings and who you hang around with the most. Are they toxic? Are they self absorbed? Are they pouring into you to fuel your fire? Cheering you on? Or maybe even just showing you appreciation? Don’t tell me you don’t need it because even the strongest people need support. And when it’s heard or seen, it’s a soul shifting kind of energy that heightens your mind and mood. It puts a smile on your face. It’s warmth, it’s comforting, it’s reassuring, and strengthening even. You need this to fuel to your fire. Positive people to pour water into your grass in your absence. People to show you your light in your most darkest moments and places.

And don’t forget to self reflect. A lot of times people don’t even realize that they are so self centered or egocentric. They get so wrapped up in their life that they forget to ask how others are doing or if you need anything. So if that is you, learn to listen and observe others in your circle. Don’t take advantage of those who are great listeners. Stop unleashing all your problems, issues, and your entire world on that one person. It can be exhausting. And it can be draining. Put aside your needs and sacrifice a listening ear or helping hand from time to time. I am the type of person who HATES talking about myself so it really takes a lot for people to pull things out of me. But when I let go, be ready to pour into me. Chances are I have built up anxiety, chaos, and have completely self sabotaged my mind lol. Not that I am insecure. It’s because I overthink. And I try to figure things out on my own. There are a lot of people who are like that so don’t forget to ask the people around you, how things are going in their life or if they need a helping hand. Some people need that one friend, that one family member, or even their significant other to just,

Pour Into Them

3 thoughts on “Pour Into Me

  1. I love this blog. I pray that I am a good friend who pours into you as you do me. I pray that I listen and truly hear you when you speak. I pray that I am not so wrapped up in my life that I don’t ask you how things are. I pray that I show up when your in need. I love you Ess!!!

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    1. Annnnd you just made me cry. And it wasn’t even so much of what you said but the fact that you read my blogs. My blogs are my heart on paper. And it means everything to me when people read them. And throughout my life you have ALWAYS been supportive and have poured into me. Through every phase of finding myself I thank God for a friend like you! Love you Tam!


      1. I enjoy reading your blogs. Even though I’ve known you most of my life I still want to grow with you. People are constantly growing and evolving. It helps me see all of you.


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