Health Habits & Preventatives

I don’t want to brag or jinx myself but in the 11 years I have worked at my job, I think I can count on one hand on how many times I have been sick ( as in the cold). Part of it is because I am a clean freak with a mild case of Obsessive Compulsiveness. I work at a school where I interact with many students so you would think I would catch viruses and colds often.

I think with so much attention and urgency of this new virus circulating with misinformation and high risk warnings, I am not going to talk about the details of the virus as I think the CDC and many news outlets are covering the information as much as possible. It’s also because I am not fully confident of it’s cause, affects, origins, symptoms, or cure because sometimes the news will blow a lot of information out of proportion. But, I do want to discuss the importance of preventative measures to minimize your risk of being sick with many types of germs, viruses, cold, and other airborne and touchable illnesses that circulate and have the potential to be fatal.

It’s important to always incorporate preventative routines on a daily basis especially during the Fall/Winter season when many people are sick. As we have been hit with Ebola, Zika Virus, Flu, we must take extra precaution to prevent ourselves from bacteria and germs that spread so easily among person to person and touchable services.

  • Wash your Hands. Sounds so simple right? Did you know if you don’t wash your hands for more than 20 seconds chances are you probably did not remove all of the germs and bacteria from your hands. So lather up, scrub under your nails, and cleanse them thoroughly. Wash them after, the restroom, taking out the trash, pumping gas, after the gym, before you eat, wash them as soon as possible especially after being exposed to bacteria and germs.
  • Use sanitation sprays or place disinfection/sanitation solution in visible areas. When you can’t wash your hands at least you have a back up plan. This will not only protect you but others around you.
  • Cover your cough and sneezes with your ARM, not your hands. Many people sneeze & cough into their hands and then shake hands and open doors. Perfect way for germs to circulate from person to person.
  • If you or your kids are sick and running a fever, STAY HOME and contact your doctor. Chances are you or your children are going to get everybody else sick at school or work.
  • Wipe down your area with wipes and sprays that contain at least 60% of alcohol or bleach. This is a great germ and bacteria killer! So wipe down your desk, phones, computers, door knobs, bathrooms, and anywhere else that could use a good sanitizing and disinfection.
  • Wear a nose and mouth mask or protective wear, like gloves. This is becoming very necessary for public locations like airports and airplanes. Any confined spaces or places that have a lot of people, wear a mask if you want to take an extra step of preventative measures from germs and bacteria.
  • Try to keep your hands away from your face as much as possible especially your eyes and mouth.
  • Boost your immune system with vitamins such as Zinc and Vitamin C, fruits, and vegetables so that if you do get sick, you have the strength to fight it!
  • Lastly, be safe and be mindful of any people who may be sick around you.

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