How often do you say things that you don’t mean? Don’t think before you speak or think about the things that you should have said? How often do you overthink and create scenarios and problems that implodes your future goals and ambitious mindset? Why do you try to fix things that don’t need to be fixed? Or break things on purpose because of you are afraid of what “could” happen? Why are you your own worse enemy by cutting the rope that could lead you to the top of the mountain, turning off the switch to your light, shooting yourself in the foot, and feeding your subconscious mind negative thoughts of your value?

Self doubt, Fear, Lack of confidence, not feeling worthy or valued, feeling undeserving, procrastination, critical mentality, toxic, unmotivated, unbalanced, unrealistic, broken, unhealed, all lead to Self-Sabotage.

You can’t blame anybody but yourself. You are holding yourself back. You are killing not only your dreams but yourself. It’s YOU.

Some people don’t even realize that they are a walking corruption because they have never felt anything positive in there life. They are so immune to the habit of self destruction that affects every aspect of their life. I am a true believer that what we think is what we manifest. So if you think you are going to fall down the stairs well chances are it may just happen. If you think your going to destroy a project, chances are you will. You think your next relationship is not going to work out, chances are it won’t. Stop fighting yourself. You could self sabotage down to the core that it could have the potential to make you mentally and physically sick.

You have to stop ruining your moments. Good moments. And even bad moments you must try to think about the good that could happen. Everything that will go wrong will but did you ever think that everything that could go right will also? Practice optimist thinking. Be confident in your decision making. I don’t like the phrase ” fake it until you make it,” So be self assured and authentic in your actions and behavior. Don’t ruin good things over the small things and don’t make anything bigger than what it really is. Stop Self Sabotaging Yourself.

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