Pandemic Test of Faith

Wow. What a start to the year of 2020 right? January we were hit with the death of Kobe Bryant that emotionally affected the entire world. Now we are hit with a virus that has physically, mentally, and financially affected us globally. I can’t help but to think of the spiritual aspect of this pandemic that has affected the world. It is so important that we not only remain sane in this mass epidemic of urgent panic, but also know who our God is and his capabilities to keep ourselves, our families, and friends protected.

This is a test. A Pandemic Test of your Faith.

I listened to a friend of mine , shout out to Kandice Porter, who stated that this is a test between the believers and the nonbelievers. And she is absolutely correct. I hope you carry on with life with the confidence that God has you covered. It should radiate off of you when you go to work, step into a grocery store, or go to school if your district is required to go to school. Not a doubt in mind that God is going to let you down. Faith over Fear. Fear will overtake your entire mind and body, leading to abnormalities of mental health concerns, physical illness, hypochondriasis, anxiety, and much more.

I get it. And I am not naive.

I understand those who are prone to illnesses. And even though I may not be panicking, there are others who we still need to be mindful of to which this pandemic has or could affect. Elderly, children, pregnant women, people who are currently suffering from long term illnesses, it’s important to always practice clean safety measures to protect those around us AT ALL TIMES. I had to stop and check myself and my attitude ( and a lot of you do too) because there are people out there who are truly suffering physically and financially because their job shut down, who do not have a home to go to because travel has shut down, who are working extremely long hours because they are a doctor or a nurse trying to determine if someone has the flu or virus. We need to take care of each other. I am happy that my school is keeping food services open for our students to be able to eat and dorms open for those who cannot go home at this time.

You may not be in a panic and perhaps you are overly annoyed with the news, media, and other outlets that are keeping the world informed, but there may be some people who cannot control their mental state of fear, anxiety, or other health phobias. We must be considerate and respect them and just keep reminding them that we will be fine! God is the cure to this worldwide pandemic. Keep praying over yourself and others and keep pressing forward. We will get through this.

In the meantime, as everything and I do mean everything, is shutting down, enjoy this time with family, friends, or maybe even enjoy your time to stay home and relax. I am a true believer that God is on the brink of returning and this is just the calm before the storm. So, acknowledge how he has brought you closer to him, the ones you love, and completely halted the rat race of life to allow you to just stop, reflect, love, rest and most importantly pray.

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