Social Distancing

I want to start off by saying how important social distancing is right now with the virus circulating. The less crowds we have, the less we community spread this virus that can live on surfaces for hours and even DAYS! Last I checked, gatherings are now groups of 10 or less. As life as we know it has been compromised, be careful as you are in grocery stores, gas stations, and work if you are still having to report to work.

On a lighter and fun note……..

I don’t know about you, but I can get use to social distancing. As an introvert I enjoy my alone time probably a little more than I should. My home is my sanctuary. It’s very hard for me to network with people because I am not a talker. I am very private and I can be shy until I warm up to people. I can easily entertain myself lol. So this social distancing is a PIECE. OF. CAKE.

For others, I see people going absolutely crazy! I guess some people need interaction. True extroverts need socialization, human connections, as they need energy from people. Sorry extroverts, but you have to learn to be your own friend right now. You have to entertain yourself or perhaps DEAL with yourself on certain things that you may be avoiding. And if you don’t know whether you are an extrovert or an introvert , during this lock down, you are quickly about to learn something new about yourself, as far as your personality type.

Not to mention, social distancing is getting us closer to family as many people are learning how to be home school teachers, wives, and husbands all over again. And it’s all because the rat race has come to a complete HALT. So this is where your patience is tested while being home with the kids all day. I read a funny meme that said, ” some of ya’ll are about to find out that your teachers weren’t lying about your kids behavior.” lol So best of luck to you mom, dads, and legal guardians who are having to work from home, while the kids are home as well. This is also where you learn your significant other all over again. Learning to communicate face to face instead of the use of devices and technology. Live interaction! I like the fact that families are at home, all at one time, for a long period of time. I think families should take advantage of this time as I know, working 8-10hrs a day to only spend maybe 1-2 hours ( if that) a day, can be tough on parenting and relationships. So, I hope you are taking advantage of your family time. Just try not to go crazy at the same time!

I hope you discover some new things about yourself while we are all technically being quarantined and forced into social distancing. Don’t sit around watching tv all day and looking at your phone because the COVID-19 news is everywhere! Take this time to reflect and re-evaluate your life that has been compromised. Take this time to write a book. Take this time to dedicate to your business dreams and goals. Begin journaling or pick up on some personal development, take a walk outside and enjoy some nature, play some old school games with your kids ( uno, monopoly, sorry), declutter, clean, fix some things around the house. I actually just finished writing a book that I am ready to publish and decided to start on the second book last night! Take this time to STOP and think of how you are going to survive the aftermath when this is all ran it’s course.

This too shall pass and all of this will be over soon. We just have to get through it. Be safe, be kind to one another, stay sane, and never lose faith.

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