Mental Health Check-In

I wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing during this global pandemic stay at home order?

I hope you are abiding by the order but also taking a breather and getting out of the house from time to time for some fresh air. It is so easy to go stir crazy or insane as we are watching people’s lives being shattered every day. Right before our eyes, we are seeing the count of how many cases have developed, how many people have died, the economy spiraling downward, people losing their jobs, their homes, child abuse has spiked in the hospitals, the unemployment rate has peaked, hospitals overcrowded to where nurses and doctors can’t even go home, parents are emotionally drained from working from home while teaching their kids, grocery stores are deserted, the transition of working from home being challenging, we are literally watching life as what we knew 1 month ago, completely fall apart. And I can understand it is difficult to remain optimistic.

I have tried to avoid the news as much as possible because my hopes of this entire crisis of “when it will all be over,” is always shattered by the increasing numbers of people being affected in multiple ways. And the paranoia on HOW you can catch the virus has my OCD level on high ( like, I literally Lysol sprayed my amazon package yesterday!). So much is changing daily and there always seems to be no accurate information.

And even when I turn off the news, I am reminded on social media on how many people are also saddened by the happy moments that are being canceled by the pandemic virus. People cannot have more than 5 people at funerals, vacations are canceled, weddings are postponed, birthing of babies must be more isolated and impersonal, birthdays, graduations, proms, special events, and family outings are also canceled and/or postponed. It is definitely rough. And I think it is perfectly fine to vent as we are all human and anger should not be a built-up emotion. And you may even have people around you tell you to “stop complaining” or tell you to “just be happy you’re alive.” It’s a very true statement but we also need to show empathy for other people’s feelings. Honestly, nobody wants to hear “suck it up,” when you are use to your paycheck being a 40hr work week paycheck and now it could be 10hrs. It’s okay to be upset about a personal event being canceled or postponed. My mom had a birthday last week and we couldn’t even celebrate it due to the Stay Home order. So it’s little tidbits of happiness that are being destroyed daily for many people.

So how is your mental health? How are you managing the stress? Or maybe you are not stressed at all. How are you decompressing from isolation? Are you monitoring how much news you are watching to protect your mental well-being? As for me, I find that a walk/run outside has been very helpful. Work has been challenging this week so I have been taking advantage of a 3-mile run to decompress during my lunchtime. I have had some face time groups with friends, family, coworkers, and workout groups which have been interestingly fun. I am in school, so between school, work, and starting on a new book, I have tried to keep my mind and body occupied. I don’t lay in bed all day and I try to keep my same schedule so that I do not get used to the opportunity to be lazy or drag my day. But I do take advantage of the rest and relaxation. 

Hang in there you guys. I pray it is all over soon and we will get through this stronger than ever. Help one another, skype or phone a friend or family member to check-in. We need the smiles and good news to continue to flow as we continue to remain hopeful.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health Check-In

  1. Great post! Thanks!

    I watched the new movie I Still Believe and was encouraged. I try to get out and walk. We’ve been doing some sidewalk chalk stuff too. I’ve enjoyed Jimmy Fallon At Home edition. Also, I’ve posted way more on Facebook than I normally ever do.

    This has all been hard for sure. I find it helpful to think about big, hard historical events that people had to figure out how to live through. Now it’s our turn to figure it out. Press on!

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  2. Awesome! Yes it is nice to discover new ways and new things every day! I tell my family and friends that we will have good days and bad days. But eventually, it will all be over. We just have to weather the storm for now. Hang in there and thanks for commenting ☺


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