New Book Release!!

The Healthy Soul -Vibe’s New Book & Journal are now available on Amazon!

How often do you make yourself a PRIORITY? Place your GOALS and PURPOSE on hold? Struggle with with even just the thought of SELF-CARE? Believe me when I say, I can relate!
I wrote this 30- Day Action Guide for your Self-Reflection and for YOU to be accountable for your ACTIONS.
I have been a wellness blogger for 6 years and have always found that free writing was my outlet to decompress, and at times, therapeutic. It was a must that I add a journal so that you could free write your THOUGHTS, ACTIONS, and GOALS as you follow along with each concept in the book.
The 30-Day Action Guide/ Book & Journal includes:
✳A Thought- Provoking Quote
✳A Personalized Message from The Healthy Soul-Vibe
✳Take Action Options
✳Alternative Self-Care Options
✳Mindful Message
Direct Link To My Amazon Author Page For Book & Journal Purchase:

The Book With The Option To Purchase The Matching Journal, Are Available In 2 Beautifully Designed Front Covers For Your Personal Choice!

Don’t Forget To Leave An Honest Review.
10% Of The Proceeds Will Be Donated To COVID-19 Response Team For The Month Of April.

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