Stay Humble Through Suffrage

Today, as I went on my early morning 3 mile walk, I had to stop and just be grateful for life that we every so often take for granted. While walking, I listened to a sermon by TD Jakes about suffering. And let me tell you I was HUMBLED.

We can be SO ungrateful sometimes. The more I scroll through social media and hearing friends and family talk about how much they are suffering because they are in the house, TD Jakes gives a sermon about suffrage through the lens of others. A new perspective. Now he does not disregard the fact that everyone defines suffrage personally. There is no doubt that we all suffer from many things especially during these times right now. Suffrage of sickness, fear, worry, financial, mental suffrage, physical suffrage, and more. But is what you are going through right now bigger than what God is capable of pulling you out of? Did we forget God’s suffrage on the cross for us was far more worse than what you are going through right now?

And I quote Jakes, “I wonder how those in 3rd world countries look at American suffrage?”

“I wonder how having to stay in a home with A/C, a bed, and a big screen t.v. with your family who is safe and healthy, is suffrage compared to those who are use to sleeping on the floor, no water, no electricity, no medical attention, and no connection of technology to the outside world?”

We have to remain humble and grateful for our blessings. We have to stop being ONLY grateful when great things are happening and be grateful through ALL things, including your definition of what you feel is “suffrage” right now.

I found that I am filled with hope in the beginning of the week and then by Friday my fear tries to replace my faith. I was reminded last week that a lot people are suffering LIFE on top of this pandemic crisis. I have 2 coworkers who suffered deaths in their family ( not in any relation to the Coronavirus) but fatal deaths. I don’t take death well so it weighed heavy on me. And then I allowed their suffrage to become my suffrage, mentally. And suddenly I felt victimized as if I am suffering because I don’t have anyone to talk to in person. But then I look at my friends who are married with kids and are suffering because they are having to be teachers while working their regular jobs at home. It’s all like a ripple affect of up and down emotions and that’s when Jakes mentions the phrase, “Misery Loves Company.”

It truly doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, black, or white…we are all suffering the same suffrage right now. It may look different or even feel different but it’s important to take a look at your situation and humble yourself especially if you are still breathing right now. Be grateful that you did not wake up in a hospital fighting for your life. Be grateful that you have everything you need in your home to survive the Stay-Home order. Be humble and grateful that your family is doing well ( even if they are on your nerves right now lol). Be humble and grateful to the essential workers who are risking their lives every day to be sure we have what we need. Be humble and grateful for our doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to save other lives. So what! that you can’t meet with your friends at a bar or a restaurant or that you can’t go clothing shopping or travel for a vacation. Humble yourself and stop complaining because that is not suffrage.

I mean, not to get too deep but, we have ancestors that suffered slavery for hundreds of years and here we are complaining about having to stay home. We have to do better and I am speaking for myself as well. We complained about the nonstop rat race, not seeing our families often, not getting enough rest, and we get it and now we are “suffering?” I KNOW God is so disappointed right now. It’s the reason why I had to check myself ONCE AGAIN, and just THANK HIM for this downtime. THANK HIM for keeping me and my family and friends protected. We could all be worse off you guys. So not only will I thank him through my good days I will thank him through the bad days as well.

Stay Humble

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