This Technology Though!

Am I the only one who is enjoying the line of communication with friends and family right now? Can we just briefly give a shout out to technology right now because the different ways to connect with family and friends is probably the only thing keeping everyone sane right now.

My family and friends talk , maybe briefly, every day but I am loving the quarantine zoom calls, Skype, Marco Polo video messages, the funny GIF memes, direct messages of shared jokes, Facebook post, groups, Instagram pictures, stories, and videos, and RANDOM text messages. On top of that I am seeing the adjustments to virtual therapy sessions and fitness accountability face-time groups.

I have a zoom call with my family probably once a week. I had a cousin group zoom party 2 weeks ago and mind you there is 12 of us ( but I think 7 of us showed up)! I have zoom conference calls with friends as we brainstorm business ideas, vent, check in, laugh and cut up! I had a skype business video call with the coworkers in which probably 20% of the call is about work.

I think the hardest part of it all is the fact that I am in a long distance relationship , shout out to my honey, Burvell. Communication is not necessarily hard but we have not seen each other in going on 3 months now due to the quarantine and I must admit it sucks. But I suppose that I do not envy those who are stuck with their significant others and are ready to choke them! lol haha! Especially when you just don’t know when this pandemic crisis is going to let up! But we like to talk about the lost time that we will make up. So when this is all over and you see us sky dive, ski, movies, bowl, and have dinner all in one day, don’t judge us lol!

I am grateful that I can still connect to my church and hear a word on Sundays and I think it is really cool that artist are having live zoom concerts where you can sit back and listen to some of your favorite old tunes!

And here we are. Still able to connect by any means necessary. I have seen some great post about how much this generation of kids were BUILT for this type of crisis because all they know is technology. So I am happy that God prepared them for this moment.

I know a lot of you are probably BURNT out on it all but it’s all we have as of now because communication has lost it’s value anyway. Many people forgot how to communicate, how to connect, and have honest yet meaningful, maybe even DEEP, conversations with their loved ones. So I hope you are taking advantage of these moments to ask the questions that you were too busy to ask. To share smiles and laughter through social media and messages, to talk through, discuss, plan, plot, design, create, the dreams you have always wanted to have. And to really practice active listening to some open-ended questions that normally receive a short response.

Hang in there! stay safe and be blessed!

2 thoughts on “This Technology Though!

  1. Shout out to you and your honey for keeping your communication open. I know a few people who are with their significant other and dont want to look at em let alone talk lol.

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