Aftermath & The New “Normal”

I heard on the news that Wuhan, China FINALLY ended their lock down and returned back to normal, and guess how many days it took for them to get over the pandemic crisis in their country? 76 days! And even still they don’t feel “normal.”

I have no idea when this pandemic crisis will be over for us but I can’t help but to think about the aftermath of it all. And honestly, it makes me sad. I will be happy when it is all over, but think on how many people’s lives will be affected financially, physically, and mentally. Think about how many businesses have to permanently close, how many people lost their jobs, and overall how life will be different. If you think we are going back to normal as if nothing happened, well you are thinking wrong.

We have to rebuild the economy. We have to decide as to which President is going to clean up this mess. We have to adjust to what could be a new “normal.” I keep hearing that phrase, ” New Normal.” And I don’t know what it will mean but I do know we will be far from what we are use to. Traveling will be different. Health services will different. Schools will be different, businesses will conduct their operations differently, trust me, things are going to change. And that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be for the bad, it could possibly be for the better. Face it, either we were not prepared for this or our leader failed us. And I am 100% sure it was both! But things are going to change tremendously.

We will all learn to be clean that’s for damn sure! lol But on a serious note, surviving and rebuilding this global aftermath is going to take some time and work. And after we clean up everything, we have to think about how we are going to continue the preparations for the next season. How do we move forward? Even though we should have a vaccine by then, or not. But, we still need to be ready for the next flu, influenza, virus and bacterial season.

There were predictions that the next outbreak may be 10 times worst. But ya’ll know me and my favorite motto, ” what we think, will manifest.” It doesn’t have to be another major outbreak if the government would just put some fire under there assess and create this much needed vaccine that I will most likely NEVER take. I am just being honest. I don’t like my immune system exposed to nothing. But anyway, the aftermath and “new normal.” I don’t know what life will be like but I do think it’s going to take some months to get back to feeling safe. We may be isolated and cautious until 2021. And honestly, I am fine with that for as long as we can make safe decisions and financial adjustments for everyone to be able to still make a living and enjoy life without the fear.

How do you think life will be once all phases have concluded? Or what do you think the aftermath will look like? What changes as far as business, schools, and travel do you think will be most affected? What’s your definition of our new “normal?” No right or wrong answers.

2 thoughts on “Aftermath & The New “Normal”

  1. I don’t know what to think about what the new normal will be. Everything feels like a big question mark right now. I just want people to be able to hug again and be normal that way. Social distancing kills emotionally. And I’ve been told I’m not a hugger. Guess I am after all. Thanks for the post!

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    1. I agree! I have learned how much we have taken the smallest gestures like hugging for granted. And smiling when a stranger walks by. The mask has become such a hiding place of our emotions. Sorry I get deep into this thing. Just praying for the new normal to involve safety right now.

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