It amazes me just how much the media puts the fear in America on the importance of STAYING HOME just so that we can be safe. Well, I don’t know where you live but here in Texas, we have started the phases of opening back up and now the governor is encouraging people to begin shopping and eating out again. With safety measures , of course. But, many people in Texas are opposed to going out because of the FEAR of how much media has repetitively told us to stay home due to the multiple ways of getting the virus.

They tell us it’s airborne, it lives on your shoes for 9 days, it can live in your hair, and on surfaces for hours and even days, and worst of all, there is STILL NO VACCINE. As cases and deaths are still rising in Texas and everywhere else in the U.S., I think the fear is now the potential spike or the possible rise as people begin resuming to normal operations even with restrictions.

I am in NO HURRY to get back to “normal.” I do want to see more family and friends and that’s probably as far as I will go in Phase 1, until I feel a level of comfort or safety.

Now, I don’t want this entire blog to be about the coronavirus because I know many people, including myself are completely BURNT out on the pandemic topic. But, I want to point out how fear can control our lives and discuss the importance of realizing who controls your fear.

FEAR the root of evil, the root of negative emotions and thoughts, and the root of choices we make.

I am so familiar with this word because I lived in fear for a very long time. And although some may tell me I am just a cautious decision maker, I still think there are some regrets that I wish I could have taken a risk on. But FEAR held me back. In my newest book, 30 Days of Self-Care, one of the days I choose to acknowledge is the concept of our Fears. And I ask the question, What are you afraid of and why? I think it’s important to acknowledge the things that hold us back from living life to our fullest potential. And to take on possibilities regardless of the risk and outcomes. But I know the world can strip that confidence from you. Fear is just an emotion and sometimes an initial reaction to something that we think will be painful, threatening, disappointing, or dangerous. I like that saying, “Fear kills more dreams than Failure ever will.” That’s a tough realization to swallow. Also, WHO controls your fear is important to realize as well. Whether it’s media, family member, or a friend, we should confront those fears and ask ourselves why are we allowing others to place fear in our minds and crush our dreams.

So I have been trying to activate my Faith as much as possible. Faith over Fear. Whatever and whoever is controlling your fears right now whether that is fear of the outcome, fear of going outside due to the coronovirus, fear of starting a business, fear of loving someone, fear of taking a leap, we have to have faith that it will work out. That we are protected and covered. Have faith that we will be fine, that if you take safety precautions that you wont catch the virus, faith that your business will be a complete success, faith that the other person may love you back, faith that the leap of faith will be the freedom you have been looking for.

We have to put fear in it’s place. And even if this is easier said then done, we have to start the proccess to conquer the fears.

Faith over Fear Folks. You got this.

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