Photography: Tsoku Maela

Triggers are normally subtle and sometimes unrecognizable. But when it’s the same trigger over and over it becomes more apparent and loud. Our mental health is being tested and challenged. We are forced to react versus respond. We go through the emotional rollercoaster from happy to sad, frustrated, confused, and even angry. We think the nudge of irritation is something that will just dissolve and go away. But then it hits again. The incident, the verbal abuse, the behaviors, the media, a friend, or foe, a parent, a coworker, the jabs, the side comments, the images, all of it, hits us like it was one of our own,. Like the person is doing this on purpose to antagonize and patronize. Like the media is insensitive to it’s audience. Like the imagery, the words, the actions doesn’t strike a nerve, a negative emotion, or cause turmoil such as stress or high blood pressure.


When do you address them? When do you acknowledge them? When do you not supress them? We can’t walk around and act like we are unbothered. It hurts. It’s painful. It’s repetitive. It’s frustrating. It’s TRAUMA. So how do we deal with them? Them as in triggers, as in someone ( wife, husband, sibling, parent, manager, friend, media) who pushes your buttons every chance they get, as in the stress and the exhaustion of corportate America along with their high expectations, as in the constant imagery, words, and stories of white superamcy, racism, and police brutality, as in becoming face to face with your attacker, abuser, or manipulator, as in the heartbreak from your ex, as in your uncontrolled children screaming, yelling, and crying until you breakdown, the victimized triggers, the anxiety and panic attack triggers, the social media and news triggers, the obesseion of perfection triggers, the botched and body triggers, the absentee mother or father triggers, abandonment triggers, insecurity triggers, hell the ISOLATION triggers!

We all suffer from something and or someone that strikes a TRIGGER in us. Some of us carry on knowing that the weight of the trigger is heavy. And it pushes DEEP down in you and believe it or not it projects onto other people. And it will come out of you some way whether that be a serious illness, adverse action, or a break down. We have to get to a place to not apologize how we FEEL. Expression of emotion and feelings is the BEST way to begin the healing proccess of those triggers. Don’t bottle it up. Now is the time to have important conversations and address the triggers. Some of ya’ll are losing your mind ITCHING to go outside and join the rat race again. But it’s time to DEAL with yourself. It’s time to heal.

What’s triggering you? Me? Well, How much time do we have?

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