Why Self-Care?

I began this journey with a group of people on May 1st as we document our Self-Care Concept of the day. Yes, I’m finally getting the chance to go through my own book and be accountable of my own Self-Care Actions. I love it. It gives me a chance to reflect, to write, to dream, to make tough decsions, to overall just deal with myself and all things that I have neglected.

I have always realized how much I love my space and time in a quiet place to just think. I am someone who always thinks before she speaks. I like to take time for myself and weigh out the pros and cons. I am a dreamer and always inspired. I like to try and right my wrongs. I like to acknowledge my faults, imperfections, flaws, and figure out how to be a better me. I actually have intellectual conversations with myself, truly dive into my human qualities and traits, and learn new things to keep me encouraged and empowered.

That’s what this self-care journey is all about.

I wrote a book, or better yet a guide, to hold a mirror to your face and DEAL with yourself. Open up a dialogue with yourself or even with some friends/family and face the things that you have numbed, placed on hold, or even found yourself too busy or distracted to nurture. I didn’t write this book to tell you that self-care means to go take a bubble bath or do some retail therapy to feel better. It’s not a terrible idea but it doesn’t get to the core of you. I wrote this book because I can relate to the excuse of not making time to put myself as a priority. My motto has always been, nobody is going to take better care of YOU like YOU can.

So it’s vital. We have to find the time to nurture, to rebuild, to affirm, to connect, to prioritize, to keep ourselves encouraged so that WE can stay afloat. It’s a tough world we live in and we all handle it differently. We all internalize, comprehend, and supress things differently. So we have to figure out how to decompress and cater to our needs or all things that matter most in our life.

So again, Self-Care is important. I wrote this book not just for me, but for YOU.

If interested in purchasing the 30-Days of Self-Care Book & Journal, I have cut the price for a 3-Day Weekend Sale for the Bundle! Go to https://www.amazon.com/author/essencewilliams to purchase today!

Author Page To Purchase Book- http://www.amazon.com/author/essencewilliams

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