I did not blog last week because I needed a moment to allow the rage, sadness, and disappointment I have been feeling to settle. I had to allow myself to FEEL and for 3 days straight, I literally shed tears and suffered anxiety that not too many people knew about. So last Saturday it felt great to go downtown in Dallas to protest, to see the amazing art displayed, to have lunch with some family, and to basically get into a new environment of empowerment and to talk about how to press forward.

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First and foremost, I really wish African Americans would stop getting into the habit or routine of being mad for 3 days after injustice occurs and then continuing life as if we didn’t just witness a lynching on t.v. I don’t know, I guess I know if it was one my family members I know I would still be outraged so I try to place myself in that family’s shoes. Now I am not saying to be mad all the time as we know that is not a healthy way to cope or move forward but we need to come together and figure out how to put our resources back into our own. How do we change the justice system? How do we change education to include black history more to teach our youth, whether black, white, Asian, Hispanic, to be educated of our foundation? How do we change leadership in our jobs to be more diverse? We TALK about change all the time but we need ACTION. And I don’t have the answers and maybe that’s why a lot of us are so stagnant in our “next moves” but this moment forward, normalizing anything right now is now obsolete.

From the pandemic to the reopening, to injustice and equality, we are far from normal. And I am just trying to find the best way to move forward in the most positive direction that is going to benefit African Americans and change society as a whole. This is not a Black versus White problem, it’s racism versus Americanism. I know racism, discrimination, injustice, and inequality happen to all people of color. But as an African American woman, I can only speak for my people as I only see our struggle on a consistent basis. So don’t be offended if I only address benefiting my own.


I am just searching for a way to keep pressing forward. We keep going back into an era of time that I should not be witnessing or experiencing. I am ready to move forward for a better us and a better community. I am ready to move forward and be seen as an American, an AFRICAN AMERICAN, with equal rights and equal opportunities. ALL THINGS my ancestors fought and suffered for generations and descendants. I am ready to move forward that I see more African Americans establishing their own businesses and we support one another instead of tearing each other down. I am ready to move forward where America is held accountable in their actions, stop turning a blind eye, know right from wrong, and reprimand those who show hatred. I am tired of white supremacy, police brutality, racial profiling, discrimination, and fatalities in the hands of hatred authority. These are the thugs and animals that should be behind bars, not the black man who has been consistently wrongfully accused, stripped from their rights, their voice, and executed in prisons. Stop coming for us. We are just trying to press forward and be our ancestor’s proudest dreams and you can’t be mad just because of the color of our skin.


So if you have a voice, a platform, an audience, and even if you don’t, use it to empower and educate others during this time. Don’t be afraid to protest, or be afraid to speak your mind, and demand change. We need it. As I mentioned before, the more voices the better. And if you don’t know where to start, start by picking up a book, asking questions, watching many of the true event stories and documentaries of our history. Attend church to see why we shout, cry, and dance as we are filled with the spirit of God and our ancestors continue to uplift us to fight another day. Take a Black History class if you’re in school so you can see that there is more to our fight than just Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X history. There are so many civil rights activists that paved the way for us. Buy from a black-owned business from time to time. Support us and support each other. Lastly, VOTE for the best candidate the fights for lives INCLUDING BLACK lives. This should be a demand for change from and for everyone. We are moving forward. And the more injustice happens, the more we are fueled to FIGHT and take matter into our own hands. AND WE WILL SUCCEED. WE WILL MOVE NOWHERE, BUT FORWARD!!


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