The Need Of God More Than Ever

Now more than ever, I yearn for God’s mercy. There is so much going on around us that still I thank God as he continues to protect me and keep me covered mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I dare NOT to complain about anything. He knows when I am pulling away because he places certain things in the forefont so that I will never forget the things he saved me from. I yearn for his presence, forgiveness, blessings, and I praise him for his sacrifice.

One block away from my house, an older male tried to commit suicide by hanging himself in visible sight. I instantly became immersed in fear because not only are we seeing the attack on minority of being hung from trees and being ruled as a “suicide,” but we all know the spike of desperate times for many people are resulting in suicide or violence. In this case, it was an older white male. And instead of trying to committ suicide behind closed doors, he tried to kill himself in plain sight on the street in which many people witnessed. Almost like a cry for help. Almost as if, he didn’t want to die, he just wanted to be saved. That has been the saddest story to hear so close to my house over the weekend that it goes to show how much many people are suffering.

Pandemic has spiked across America, Suicides have gone up. Poverty and homelessness has gotten worse. There’s a race war among us. Our mental health is being challenged every day. People are dying every day. Unemployment is at an all time high, and many people cannot make ends meet. Several weeks ago a young lady posted in a city facebook group that I am in that she had a family of 5, she was layed off, and she only wanted information to figure out who she could contact to extend the cut off fee for her light bill because she was sitting in the dark. Instead of people providing her people and places to talk to, we all decided to cashapp her funds so that she can turn her lights back on. That’s the love God is wanting to spread.

We need God more than ever. If you have not turned to God at all during these tough times, please start now. He is waiting for you to call on him. He does not care as to what condition you are in right now, he doesn’t descriminate by race, age, whether you are rich, poor, sick, or sinful. He just wants to bless you. He just wants you to call on him so that he can help you. Or place people in your life to help you.

I never want to feel so comfortable in my current state that I go to work one day and get layed off the next day. I never want to get so comfortable that I feel healthy one day and catch COVID the next day. I never want to feel so comfortable that my finances are shut off and I cannot buy food or pay my bills. I never want to feel so comfortable that I cannot be placed in many situations of many people who are currently suffering. I thank God. I praise him. And I will not complain during these times of need because the things you have not thanked him for, can be taken away so quick.

We need God more than ever to heal us and save us from this brokeness and damaging season. I still have faith that things will get better. And I know it has to get worse before it gets better. So I pray for strength, hope, protection, and peace for everyone. And I pray you call on him in your time of need and thank him if you are in the best position you can be during these trying times.

2 thoughts on “The Need Of God More Than Ever

  1. The thought of it getting worse before it gets better frightens me!! COVID plus flu season is going to be detrimental. I’m aware of this but it seems like my husband doesn’t get it. Our daughter has been out of school since things got bad but all he keeps saying is come August she’s back to school because curriculum starts. What the F!?? So you just dismiss everything that’s going on?? I can’t do anything besides lean on God. I don’t know what else to do

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  2. I think you will both will find common ground on what is best for you and your family. Just because places have reopened doesn’t mean we should jeopardize ourselves for the sake of money-making businesses. Hopefully, the decision will be made for you, meaning if the illness is too bad, that schools will shut down. Only time will tell. And if my job closes down until the end of the year in order to protect its employees, what does that say about sending your child back to school that has reopened? Pray about it.


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