Self-Care Is Vital…Reiterated

Photohraphy By: Dazzle Jam
By: Cotton Bro

Last summer, I wrote about Self-Care. I began really diving into the importance of this concept and how much the term has been redefined by many different people and cultures. I am taking a class right now that allows me to defend the concept of Self-Care and why it is so important. And it solidifies my love for the topic and why I decided to write a book for those to get a jumpstart on their well-being. Especially, during these times as some people are still quarntined, still isolated, and still fearful of everything that is going on around us. We need to be taking care of ourselves more than ever. It’s important that you realize that taking care of yourself is not a trend. It’s not a fad nor is it something that you just partake in for a short period of time. Self Love, Care, Help, is not always about bubble baths, spa days, and retail therapy. And not that there is no right or wrong way, but it’s the core to your health, your wellness, your soul, your mind, well-being, YOUR LIFE.

How you choose to go about taking care for yourself starts with acknowledging the things in your life that are either damaged or broken. It’s realizing the trials and bumps in your journey that have or are taking place in your life right now, that may be costing your mental health, your relationship with God, and your physical & internal well-being/health. Many of us internalize life very differently. How you react determines your level of healing and growth. Some of us allow wounds of hurt, pain ( both physically and mentally) to remain afflicted or visible. Some of us cannot find the time for ourselves as we are expected to hold the weight of the world on our shoulders while tending to the needs of family, our jobs, our duties. Some of us laugh at the concept of putting themselves priority. And some of us do not know where to begin to take on the act of self-care.

Self Care, Self Love, and Self Help is more than just partaking in a 10 day challenge you found from the internet. Although I believe these are amazing ways to get started, it’s imperative that you continue the suggestions as stated by your medical doctor, your therapist, your spiritual healer, life coach, financial counselor, marriage counselor, and so on, on a regular basis.

How do you expect to heal? Healing doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process. A CONSISTENT process as you make changes to your behavior, your mentality, your health, and your spiritual relationship. For some it’s a way to cope with trauma or manage chronic illnesses. Finding the Self-Care remedy for you will involve listening to what your body and soul needs. Think about all of the important things you have neglected, rest, goals, emotional distress, exercise, or that pain in your body. We have to self-monitor and nurture those needs otherwise we deplete and deteriate over time.

So don’t treat your healing nor your life like it’s a trend. And don’t criticize those who read self help books, who read the bible, go to church, who work out for 5 days, quit, and have to start over. Don’t criticize those who seek therapy weekly, who start a clean eating plan, who decide to go vegan or vegetarian, who attend financial strategies to overcome debt, who seek life purpose, who pray, who need marriage advice. Don’t chastise people who are trying to better themselves day in and out. Everybody has an area in their life that they are bettering on a daily basis. And even if they fall off and start over again it’s part of the journey toward healing or bettering yourself. Keep trying, keep pushing, because again, your health is not a trend, it’s your means of survival. It’s vital.

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