Strength ( Revisit)


Have you ever had your strength tested? It’s almost like the universe is testing you to see how tough you are. To confirm if you have the mental and physical capacity  to not give up on yourself and what you are becoming. To prove if you have the force and stamina to push forward when times get tough. Challenges your courage and the tenacity to be the stability of your well being. 

Picture is the West African ( Adinkra- Akan of Ghana) Symbol for Strength 

Ultimately, everybody goes or has gone through it. Some of you are having your strength tested as we speak. How much do you value your life and the things you want out of life? How much do you believe in you? I like that saying, Life is tough sometimes, but so are you. 


  • Strength is when you get knocked down, but you come back 10 times stronger.
  • Strength is someone telling you, you can’t, but you still try to prove that you can.
  • Strength is the doctor telling you, you are not going to make it, but you pray and fight the battle with faith.
  • Strength is showing up when you don’t seem to have the energy or willpower to show up. 
  • Strength is having the bold and confident attitude when others think less of you.
  • Strength is wiping your tears and proving to YOURSELF that you got this.
  • Strength is fighting through the struggles, the pain, the challenges, the stress and your weaknesses. It sucks your energy just to see if you can reproduce that second wind.


It’s all mental. Your strength manifests from your breaking point. Your strength reveals who you are and your ability to just merely survive, whether that is through the hour, through the day, or through the week, through that moment or period of your life.

Remember when I talked about having a support system? Make sure you have one of those to pick you up and keep you encouraged as your back up force, because sometimes you can’t do it alone. Strength is not how much muscle you have and how much weight you can lift all the time. Strength is simply having the heart and soul to empower yourself. Strength is you. 


Don’t be afraid to ask your spiritual guidance for strength. Sometimes a moment with your higher power is all you need to awaken your inner fire and vitality. 

Your strengths are your weaknesses surfacing,  so push through. 

I know what it’s like to feel like you are all you have. 

You truly never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice  ~Bob Marley 



2 thoughts on “Strength ( Revisit)

  1. 2020 has pushed our strength to deeper depths. It’s easy to get consumed with all the outer forces. I appreciate this reminder of what strength is, especially when you said it’s weaknesses pushing through. Refining to make better. Thank you for this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely I agree!
      Strength or being strong is not even a compliment anymore but a requirement in our character! We have no choice to be strong or get swallowed up in our weaknesses! Thanks for reading! ❤


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