Pain, But Press On

Last week, was probably not want one of my best weeks. As if this year could not get any worse with all that is going on, a ripple effect of “Ls” started Sunday night and continued throughout the week. I don’t like pain. I don’t like how my body internalizes it ( anxiety) and I don’t like the way it effects my mood. I try my best to put on face every day because as I wrote in my last blog, I am too strong for this. I am too strong to allow afflicted pain to rule over my mind, body, and soul. Yes, it hurts. People die, people leave, and doors close. It’s all part of life. I always felt that the strong ones are the most tested, especially when it comes to the test of our Faith. And at the end of the day, God ALWAYS restores and has something to replace the pain that we ever so often endure in our lives.

Pain comes in many different ways physically and emotionally. There’s burns and stings, sharp and dull, and then there are aches. All of them are discomforting signals and sensations that hits our bodies differently. Some of us can take it and are so used to it, that they become very numb to it. And some of us are not, so there is a feeling of being targeted, victimized, and feeling in complete agony for the moment, the season, or even in in a entire lifetime. Pain can be so damaging that it can convert to emotional and mental dissaray, triggering other negative subconscious thoughts, and outwardly shatter a piece of our character. And worst off, put it all on display in a physical aspect, all for us to suppress it because we have to put on ‘face.”

FACE for our managers and coworkers, FACE for your children because you don’t want to put fear in their eyes, FACE for those who are nosey and not genuine in your pain, we have to put on face and continue on as if we are not affected by hurt, suffering, misery, torment, ache, and agony. It’s unpleasant and it changes people. And we question God as as if he doesn’t hear us. The “why me?” and the cry out for help, searching for answers as to when things will be better and when will the pain subside are questions that requires a certain type of patience, that only God has the answers to. I swear Patience is a curse word lol. It’s a go-to coping term that is used to subside the pain that actually works but can be vexing at times.

So I know how it feels to be completely over the painful scenario. But I also know how to move forward and not give up on me. And I know how to deal with it which is to let it out so that I don’t jeapordize my well-being. Now I understand some pain can not always be controlled in an immediate aspect. And I will not tell you to continue to “be strong.” At this point, being strong is not a compliment. Matter of fact, it’s annoying when you have to ALWAYS be strong for you. But I know we have no choice because nobody can be strong for you. So I will say press on. Sounds cliche’ and probably just as worse as be strong. But, I say press on because you have to continue to move forward in the most necessary, forceful, determined, hopeful way. You have to get up every day and press on for you. The pain we endure today will be our rewarding strength in the future. None of us are exempt from pain nor untouchable to not experience some level pain. That negative state of mind only makes your body feel worse. It’s important that we don’t dwell in our pain. We have to Press on. Do it for you, do it for your children, do it because you know God has a plan for you and he had to place you through this trial so it can be appreciated in the future. It hurts now but it will be satisfying later. It’s frustrating now but your growth and recovery will proactivley rebirth a new level of power within you, that you didn’t even know you had. We heal differently and it all takes time but always get up every day and try your best to PRESS ON.

All smiles as my support system is everything. And I thank those * ya’ll know who you are* for always being in my corner. Let me tell you, if you don’t have a support system to help you through pain, I pray you find those who know you best, make you laugh when you want to cry, listen to your pain, speak boldly, realisically and hopeful, share God’s love in your favor, and love you unconditional even in your weakest moments.

I declare that this week will be amazing


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