The Woman Behind The Health Soul-Vibe

Hello and welcome to the blog site of The Healthy Soul-Vibe.

My name Essence Williams. I reside in Lewisville, TX and I am 33 years young.  I had struggled with my career/image/myself as a whole since I turned 21. One bad report at the doctor’s office truly helped me discover my life changing career. Health & Wellness.

It took me several years to realize how unhealthy I use to be and I didn’t take it seriously until the year of 2012. And then I walked into my first group exercise class,  TurboKick.  I took this class to another  level by attending 4-5 days a week and truly cleaning up my diet to the point that I had a lost nearly 50lbs. True life changer the moment I became active in the fitness world and teaming up with great fitness minded people, coaches, and instructors.  I truly love inspiring people to start their health journey. I was so inspired that for the past few years I had been inspired to become a Team BeachBody Health Coach to end the history of obesity and health issues among people in our society today.

Among other things, I love to travel, dance, sing, and eat delicious unhealthy food!

I am a very spontaneous, ambitious, and enthusiastic woman that adores LIFE and will continue to enjoy and do things that I LOVE!



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  1. Melinda says:

    I would like to change BB coaches, and I’d like to follow you!! Due to some personal circumstances, my current coach has not been responsive, and I need some direction & motivation. Thank you!


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