The Discovery of The Healthy Soul-Vibe

“I had struggled with my career and self-image from the age of 21 years old. It was when I discovered I was on an unhealthy road mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, that I decided to choose change, toward a road of wellness and a healthy lifestyle. The Healthy Soul-Vibe is a resource for those seeking positive health and wellness tips, guidance, and maybe even some comfort and smiles. If I have helped at least one person in this world, then I know I am doing what I was called to do.” ~ Essence Williams

June 4, 2014, Essence started a fitness website known as GetFitWithEss. At the time, she was a Team Beach Body Health Coach, building a resourceful platform for people who were ready to jump-start a fitness journey along with guidance & accountability.
September 14th, 2014, GetFitWithEss website became a marketing seller for K.A.W (KickAssWear) Fitness clothing line. 
August 17, 2017,  Essence felt that she was lacking growth mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as she embarked on a new life journey of soul searching through reading and spiritual growth, which has evolved her into the woman that she is today. Within her discovery of dealing with self and finding life purpose, that is when Essence discovered, The Healthy Soul-Vibe.

“I learned that fitness and health go beyond your physique or physical appearance. It’s your well-being. And your well-being is more than just the long hours at the gym, sweat, calories, and eating clean. Your well-being is your self-awareness, your happiness, and your peace of mind.  I added ” Vibe ” to it because I like to think that I add an extra flair by discussing the experiences that helps evolves or shapes our lives, on top of health and fitness.~ Essence Williams

Life experiences have a huge impact on you as a human being. It shapes you, it grows you, it evolves you, it can knock you down, pick you up, there are highs, and there are lows. It teaches you. It helps you discover who you are as a person and truly helps you find yourself and your purpose. The Healthy Soul-Vibe focuses on you. It’s your mind, your body, and most importantly, your soul.” ~ Essence Williams

Thank You For Reading My Story

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  1. I would like to change BB coaches, and I’d like to follow you!! Due to some personal circumstances, my current coach has not been responsive, and I need some direction & motivation. Thank you!


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