Happy New Year! Welcome 2019

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I want to wish you all a

Happy New Year! 


From The Caterpillar, 

To The Cocoon, 

I present to you,  The year of the Butterfly.


“May you come out of your shell and expose yourself to your awakening and purpose. Do things that will evolve you and set you free. Be fearless and choose happiness. Live the life you dreamed of. Now is the time to fly. “



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Thankful November


There is something about the month of November that feels my heart with gratitude. Not to say that I a thankful for my life journey every day but I feel like November allows you to take those special moments to truly reflect and give thanks for the heart of each and every second it beats.

Whether the journey or the road you have been on or detouring from I have learned to be grateful for any of the closed doors, hardships, let downs, disappointments, or tough situations that I have faced in my 34 years of living.


And on the greater outlook of it all I am beyond blessed and thankful for the lessons learned and the outcomes of each and every situation I have been placed in. I am stronger. I am better. And I have evolved into the woman that my higher power has set me out to be.

I often go through life on many occasions asking, Why Me? or Why Not Me? I have learned that my patience is my greatest strength within me. I thank the universe for not rushing my blessings, for allowing me to endure the moments so that I feel every abundance of gratitude that over joys and warms my heart and soul. I hope you take the time to stop and appreciate the ultimate gift of life. And that is the air that you breathe each and every day that is not guaranteed. 

Happy November Everyone! 

Be Grateful! Be Thankful! And Be Blessed! 

~The Healthy Soul-Vibe 

Tis’ The Season Life Check-up (Series) Part II – LOVE

b36c18d81bd80584f2d72639bf349518.jpgOctober marks the official holiday season  and I think it’s time we regroup and check ourselves as we all know, between now and December, it will be a complete blurr!! A good blurr though, because I absolutely LOVE this time of year, as it is preparation for the new year to come. Last year of 2017,  I did a Vibe the Soul series  that discussed tips and the importance of Health, Finances, Love, Peace of Mind. Feel free to revisit that series ( Intro- Vibe The Soul 4 Part Series- https://thehealthysoulvibe.com/2017/11/30/vibe-the-soul-elements-4-pt-series/ ) for this was one of my favorite series that simply allowed me to perform a self reflection and life check. 

I want to revisit some quick tips for each element as we approach the end of a new year within a new holiday season!

Feel free to revisit The Vibe The Soul Series on the LOVE Element: 


In this series, I briefly discussed another important element in your life which is Love. Love is the warmth your soul needs to flourish mentally and emotionally. From friends, family, and even a significant other. They say actions speak louder than words but I think words are just as, if not more meaningful. So tell your loved ones that you love them each and every day.


Some singles have this mindset that they need to be “cuffed up” during the holiday season. You have to stop reflecting on the idea of Love.  What do I mean by that? Well , being caught up in the concept of simply just having someone. And I get it, we all want to be loved, but make sure your love is genuine and honest.  

And keep in mind that you cannot love someone else if you do not love yourself. It is important that we uplift ourselves and love who we are and what we are becoming as we learn new things and evolve. There is no better attitude than manifesting a positive, caring, and loving aura that will soon gravitate someone who is looking for that in a significant partner.

Perhaps you have not found love this year because you are just not ready or maybe it is just not your time. And that is okay! Continue to work on yourself and love yourself as the people around you who do love you,  will continue to reciprocate that feeling. Love is not always about finding a partner. Find something or a hobby you are passionate about and love to do on a day to day basis. And share it to the world!

As we are within the last 3 months of the year, think about giving and receiving love  in a different aspect. 

  • When was the last time you told your family and friends that you love them? We all know tomorrow is not promised. Be sure to tell them as much as possible.


  • Gifts are nice and all but make sure you give the gift of love during the holiday season. Showing love by maybe volunteering at a shelter or offering a helping  hand to someone in need are always great ways to value the importance of kindness and love.
  • Those going through heart ache and pain, because love can be painful sometimes, and as I mentioned before, find something that you love to do to keep you encouraged. Surround yourself with the folks that love and adore who you are. Nobody should be alone during this season. Plan a gathering, bake a feast for close friends or family, or even volunteer at a Holiday function/event.holidays-valentines-day.jpg
  • To my singles, if someone ask you to go to a holiday function, GO! You might meet your future husband or wife there! You are not going to find a significant other sitting in the house.
  • To those in LOVE, enjoy each other! Try new things this holiday season. Ice Skating, pumpkin patch ride, or even get dressed up and go to a Halloween party. Make sure to enjoy the company of someone who adores the side of you that is fun and spontaneous. Laughter and joy is everything when it comes to love!




Mother’s Day Message

I happen to come across this picture today ( Photo Cred: http://www.bymariandrew.com) and it really tugged at my heart. I truly didn’t plan to blog today, but I had to blog about this.

I think we carry on with life without the realization of the struggles that others try to push through knowing they are sad or in pain. I am not talking about going through a day not getting flowers and candy and being reminded that yes you are single such as on a day like Valentine’s Day. I am talking about going through the day such as Mother’s Day and being reminded of one or more of the real challenges and struggles that women as well as men, are reminded of today and every day.

To those who have their mothers present, I hope you cherish


not only today but every day that your mother gave birth to you, nurtured you, took care of you, wiped your tears, listened, gave you advice, spanked you out of love, the tough love, the times she told you no, protects you, has your back, held you in her arms, laughs and cries with you, supports you, sings with you, dances with you, provides for you, yells at you, cleaned after you, and so on. These are memories to cherish day after day while she is present on this earth.

There will be a time that she leaves this earth.

So to the ones that have lost their mothers, I cannot imagine the hurt and pain. I cannot fathom what you feel day in and day out knowing you cannot call her, see her, and touch her again. I hope you are strong and keeping the faith. I hope you smile when you think of her. I hope you can hear the faint of her laugh. I hope you have picked up some of her skills/habits and motherly advice. I hope you have something symbolic to remember her by. I hope somehow on this Mother’s day, that you found happiness and joy by thinking of the great memories you shared with her. She will always want you to be happy.

Closure is hard.


So to those who are not speaking to their mothers or are on bad terms. I will repeat this again, closure is hard. I hope somehow you can make amends. No matter how big or small the hurt it is. Forgiveness can seem impossible. But she is still here. Present. I hope you can be the bigger person and reach out to her while you still have your mother. I hope you can search for her if the streets is her choice of living. I hope you can help her. Or if nothing else tell her you love her. Maybe that’s all she needs to hear. That small argument could be a final goodbye. Stubbornness can lead to regrets. I know what you’re going to say. It isn’t easy. She threw me out of the house or she gave me away. Or I hate her. Or perhaps she let him beat me up or rape me.


Healing starts with forgiveness. Easy said than done. Anger that lies deep within the soul will design or inherit some of the traits of the one who hurt you. I don’t know how much I believe in that statement. To some aspect it is true. I know some women are being everything their mothers weren’t to them. Keep pressing forward. And stay strong if you can.

Those women who have chosen not to be mothers. I sway back in forth from this myself. Here’s why. It’s a choice. It’s ok to feel as if you don’t think you are fit to be a mother. You are motherly in somebody’s eyes especially if you are an Aunt or perhaps a God Mother. People call this choice selfish. And that’s ok. The tolerance, the cost, the patience for children is a lot to think about. But sometimes you have to think beyond that. To hear the sound of someone calling you mom would be everything. To be able to speak life to a small mini you and watch them grow into something you created,  is life. To know you gave birth to life and are ABLE to give birth to life should be taken into consideration to those who cannot.

So to women that yearn to be a mother. If you have tried and tried and tried and you just cannot get pregnant. I hope you just relax and just have fun. Stop trying. Since when are babies planned? Have a lot of sex and have a lot of fun.

Those women who are just simply looking for a relationship to have a family and yearn to be a mother. You are not on a time clock. Now and days women are having children at 50 years old. I hope you are taking the time to find a significant and suitable husband so that you can have the family you yearn for. No judgment here if freezing your eggs or going to a clinic are choices you want to make.

To men who have to play mother and father. Those are huge shoes to fill. Times will be hard as you already know. But your kids will be thankful for you each and every day for reminding them of who they are. And you may not be able to cook like mom, or tell stories like mom, but your love will be unconditional, like mom.


And lastly,

Those women who suffer from infertility and miscarriages, my heart goes out to you. There are no words to those who long to be a mother and cannot be. That’s a pain that cannot always be covered by adoption. I wish people would stop telling people that. It’s insensitive. And I understand the option. There are millions of children without homes. But to give birth to one of your own flesh and blood, the experience of pregnancy, child and labor cannot be replaced by the words adopt or surrogate. This experience is what makes us WOMEN. It makes us whole. Somehow, some way I hope you find peace. I am thinking of you. And praying for you.


Judgement Side Effects



I normally do not watch this show, however, my sister does, and I happen to be at her house as she asked that I watch the first 15 minutes of this show called The Real. The Real is a talk show aired with a panel of 4 ladies speaking about Real issues that women face. It’s anything from womanly advice to fashionista help. It’s a great show. I do believe women need some uplifting advice more often than we think we do. But I must say, Loni Love, which is one of the talk show hosts, broke down on an issue that women do not seem to mentally understand.

Take a look:

I talk about this all the time because I don’t think women these days and upcoming girls who are growing into women do not realize how important it is to be themselves un-apologetically. The internal damage that judgment, hate, social media, fashion industry, tv, does to us mentally, can truly destroy who you are and how you present yourself to others. Grown women need to stop judging other grown women because you don’t know that person’s history or background. Lastly, Women need to stop comparing and competing with the world.

I hate to scroll on Social Media and see people post pictures like this with a caption of  WHO WORE IT BETTER?


#1 – All 3 ladies are beautiful!

#2 – All 3 ladies are wearing this dress Gorgeously and Flawlessly!

#3 – Why are you polling the society to make this kind of judgment? Who cares?!

So I totally agree with Loni Love and Tia Mowry on this show. And I blogged about a very similar topic about Body Image. Please read:  https://thehealthysoulvibe.wordpress.com/2017/06/01/the-body-you-should-learn-to-love/  

This blog was probably one of my favorite blogs I have ever written about self-love because we women are very hard on not only ourselves but to others.


I’ll say once and I’ll say/blog about it a million times because it is one of my favorite topics to discuss, but Self Love starts with you. And only you. Don’t look for it through other people, Don’t judge others to make yourself feel good, and stop putting yourself down as if you don’t deserve the best that the world has to offer.  You don’t need validation from anybody. Woman to woman, it starts with you.


Happy Easter

Hello and Happy Easter


I really want to make this short and sweet.

My relationship with Jesus Christ is different from everyone else. And I’m happy about that. In a small local Baptist Church in Denver CO, I spent my childhood celebrating Easter with pretty dresses, Easter egg hunts/baskets, singing in the choir, and performing stage plays. And I LOVED it! As I grew older, I started attending a church on my own and loved the teachings I received. Now, every now and then, I will tune into a good message when I need to hear a good word.



Over the years, I have grown into a different relationship with God to the point that I cannot relate to a lot of people in terms of Religion. And that’s okay with me. No, I no longer attend church every single Sunday. No, I don’t read and cannot recite the Bible. But I do believe in God, THE higher power. I was raised to know him. I’ve witnessed the power of prayer. I’ve seen him do things for me and others that I knew could not be done on my or there own. I’ve even felt his presence in a time of fear. He Got Me! When I say my relationship is different, it just simply means that I no longer do the practices that everyone else does anymore. But, God and I still walk together, we talk/pray together, we SING together, and he gets my attention when I am off balanced. I am covered. I get my fulfillment from a spiritual standpoint in my own way. I have been questioned, judged, and looked down on over the years for not practicing what others practice, but again, that’s okay! I like that saying, that only God can judge me. In the meantime,

Today is the day for peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and celebrating that Jesus Got You to! How you go about establishing your relationship with him, is between you and him. You cannot have a Healthy Soul without seeking God ( or your higher spiritual power). Having a spiritual, healthy, and connected relationship with him, is an important piece to your life.

Acknowledge him. Believe in him. And have Faith in him.

Enjoy your day!


Sunday Kind Of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!


One of my favorite artist and songs is by the beautiful and most talented  Etta James!

Her Album “At Last” will truly have you day dream into a love story setting to every note that she sings.

This is the kind of music that makes you want to sit on a swing chair, with red wine, on a rainy spring day. And just smile endlessly to the Love of just Life. 


Sunday Kind of love by Etta James


I hope you had a chance to read my Vibe the Soul Series on my intake on Love!

And I hope you enjoy your day loving the person next to you, loving your family, friends, and most importantly Loving YOURSELF! 

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